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Monday, May 15, 2017 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM at Convene (Times Square)

PPGGNY's Annual All-Day Conference PLANNED GIVING DAY NYC 2017
Plenary Presentation: "Managing Metrics: National Association of Charitable Gift Planners’ New Guidelines" by Joseph O. Bull, JD

With the advent of advanced computation and “big data”, metrics of fund raising activities are prevalent throughout all types of organizations.  When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of a gift planning program, what are the best measures? When it comes to measuring the effectiveness of blended gifts, what are the best measures?  Although not all “planned” gifts are deferred, much of the work of individual gift planners will pay off in the future—often after the original fundraiser has left the organization and the donor relationship and stewardship of the commitment have changed hands, perhaps several times. CGP's Metrics Task Force is examining best approach to setting goals and measuring performance for fundraisers charged with developing blended gifts, bequests, charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, and other gifts that have a future impact on the bottom line. In this session, task force chair Joe Bull reports on connections between metrics and fundraising success.

Keynote Presentation: "How Congress and IRS are Changing Charitable Giving" by Emanuel ("Emil") Kallina, II

There is a lot of uncertainty and corresponding concern on how Congress and IRS will change the face of philanthropy in 2017 and going forward. The House W&M has asked charities to justify why they need a charitable income tax deduction. President-Elect Trump and the House GOP have recommended eliminating the estate tax, even on wealthy estates. The Senate Finance Committee is concerned about the size of and need for endowments. IRS is challenging charitable organizations on the basis of their political belief. The speaker will address these and other major issues, and assess the impact of future events on charities and the charitable planner.

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From Your Colleague

PPGGNY is an organization that provides a community where one can learn, share and interact with others in the field who are engaged with the most forward thinking donors in their organizations; those who are paving the way for future beneficiaries,ensuring the success of future pivotal projects and championing causes beyond their physical departure.  
I have attended workshops to enhance my own stewardship efforts outside of the planned giving community, PPGGNY members have acted as mentors and valued allies in my work. I am now more prepared than ever to engage with my recognition societies at all levels but specifically in gift planning. 
Deirdre Hector
Assistant Director of Recognition Programs
Office of Alumni and Development
Columbia University


From the PPGGNY President

Dear Friends,

As my two-year term as President draws to a close, I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude. I have truly enjoyed serving and I know that a big part of my happiness rests squarely on the shoulders of the PPGGNY community. There are so many words that I could use to describe what I have learned and gained over the past two years, but perhaps the most appropriate is the word Munificent!
Munificent (adjective) – extremely liberal in giving, characterized by great generosity.
While gift planners most commonly use this word to describe a very generous donor, for me it aptly describes the group of amazing professionals with whom I have had the pleasure of working during my term as President. Every one of them has been extremely generous with their time, energy, insight and resources, and I am truly humbled and grateful to each of them for making the past two years so fulfilling and enjoyable. 
Thank you all for your munificence! It is thanks to you that PPGGNY continues to be one of the premier councils for gift planners.
While I have the pleasure of standing at the podium each month, my presence there really represents the efforts and commitment of many people. As the saying goes . . . it takes a village. Our village has truly come through for us. When we were without a venue for our monthly meetings, we were invited in and welcomed by the amazing team at Bernstein Private Wealth Management. We can’t possibly thank them enough.
As we searched for better ways to promote our monthly seminars and spread word of the benefits of membership, Pentera opened their arms and embraced PPGGNY! Every month they painstakingly work with us to design compelling marketing pieces and update our website. THANK YOU!!
This year, as you enjoy our exceptional new Planned Giving Day venue, I hope that you appreciate the hard work and eye for detail that went into locating such a perfect space for our Council’s full-day conference. We are thrilled that the reputation of Planned Giving Day NYC has grown to the point where we needed a larger venue, and hope that you find it to be as user-friendly as we do. Convene is centrally located, has all session rooms on one floor, the ability to comfortably seat over 200 members and guests in state-of-the art facilities, and to top it off, the amazing Convene staff was always available and at the ready to assist us. I am truly grateful!
If you have not done so already, please take advantage of our Early Bird Special and register for Planned Giving Day NYC today. We look forward to seeing you there. 
With my warmest PPGGNY regards,
Meryl R. Cosentino, JD
PPGGNY President

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